//The Origin of Kikiaola Construction
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January 1884

January 1899

January 1900

HP Faye, Limited, purchases Waimea Sugar Mill Company

1900 HP Faye starts purchasing shares of neighboring Waimea Sugar Mill Company. By 1905 his HP Faye, Limited, owns Waimea Sugar Mill Company entirely, which includes the Waimea Dairy. Kikiaola Constructions main office is currently located in the former Waimea Dairy office.

April 1907

January 1926

January 1931

January 1932

March 1942

WW2 on Kauai

1942 WW2 on Kauai – Alan Faye serves as Captain of the Kauai Volunteers, Mounted Troop A. Their job was to patrol the interior mountains on horse back in case enemy saboteurs scaled the Na Pali cliffs with the intent to attack civilians or the Kekaha Airfield.

January 1952

HP Faye, Ltd is dissolved

1952 HP Faye, Ltd is dissolved. Waimea Sugar Mill Company operates the sugar operations, and Kikiaola Land Company holds title to the land holdings.

January 1968

January 1981

November 1982

Restoration and Renovation after Hurricane Iwa

1982 Hurricane Iwa wrecks Kikiaola’s residential rental properties. From the wrecked homes, Mike Faye develops Waimea Plantation Cottages. Old plantation houses were purchased from Kekaha Sugar, and moved to Waimea Plantation Cottages and renovated. The Kikiaola Land Company’s Maintenance Department was transformed into Kikiaola Construction and gained experience moving buildings and adaptive reuse of old plantation camp house and other plantation buildings. In the late 1980’s Kikiaola Construction moved the HP Faye Home (Mikes grandfather) located near Mana, Kauai, to the Cottages and converted it to the resort’s Front Desk and Administrative Building.

January 1989

September 1992

January 1996

Mike and Colleen Faye purchase Kikiaola Construction Company, Limited

1996 Due to family politics and a change in corporate direction, Kikiaola Land divests Construction. Mike and Colleen Faye purchase the operation and incorporate it as Kikiaola Construction Company, Limited. Kikiaola registers the name Structure Movers Hawaii and continues to expand its dominance of the structure moving business on Kauai.

January 1999

January 2000

Growth of Kikiaola Construction

2000 to 2018 As market conditions change, Kikiaola Construction changes. During these years we have renovated significant historic structures on Kauai and the Big Island. We have built numerous vernacularly designed homes on Kauai. We have managed and helped building two self-help housing projects. We have handled the movement of nearly every transformer KIUC has purchased from the port to facilities across the island. Since 2000, nearly all of the structures moved on the Big Island have been moved by Structure Movers Hawaii. We moved substantial homes on Oahu and Maui.

January 2017

Our Engineering

Along the way, or crane fleet grew from one 18 ton rough terrain crane, to a 35 ton rough terrain Grove RT65S, a 60 ton Link Belt HTC1060, and a 175 ton Krupp All Terrain crane. We have the move able crane service on Kauai. And what we can’t lift with a crane, our structure moving hydraulic jacking systems take over.

July 2018

2018 and beyond

2018 and beyond – we look forward to growing our structure and heavy equipment moving and crane capabilities, and to re-establish our forte in historic buildings and vernacular construction.