Our History

Kikiaola Construction Company

Kikiaola Construction Company grew out of Kikiaola Land Company, which succeeded Waimea Sugar Mill Company on Kauai in 1968. Kikiaola Land Company retained a small maintenance staff for its plantation camp houses and industrial buildings.


In 1982, following the damage wrought by Hurricane Iwa, Michael A. Faye, then Manager of Kikiaola Land Company, expanded the maintenance staff into the Construction & Equipment (C & E) Division. The C & E Division’s primary focus was the development of the Waimea Plantation Cottages. Just as that project was being completed, Hurricane Iniki decimated Kauai in 1992, severely damaging many of the Waimea Plantation Cottages as well as numerous other structures throughout Kauai. By this time the C & E Division had become recognized as an expert in the field of historic building renovation and restoration and the C & E Division was asked to take on many rebuilding jobs around Kauai.


By 1996 repairs to the Waimea Plantation Cottages were complete and, for business reasons, Kikiaola Land Co decided to divest itself of the construction component. Michael A. Faye and his wife Colleen purchased the C & E Division and formed Kikiaola Construction Company, preserving employment for the entire loyal and competent staff.


Since 1996 Kikiaola Construction Company has engaged in project design, development and management; new commercial construction; historic and more recent building repair and renovation; commercial and residential remodeling; structure moving; electrical contracting; and site work. Since 1999, Big Island projects have emphasized structure moves and related repairs and remodeling at the new location; new residential construction, and commercial and residential repairs and remodels have been completed as well. The Kohala Girls School restoration project in Kapaau, 2002-03, was our first Big Island job in excess of $1 million. Currently, our activities on the Big Island are focused on structure moving and foundation work.

Meet Our Team

Michael A Faye
Michael A FayePresident
• Owner and CEO
• Director of IASM (International Association of Structural Movers)
• Member of Kauai Historical Society
Richard A Faye
Richard A FayeVice President
[Role of Vice President]
Barney Malicki
Barney MalickiBig Island Manager
[Barney’s Role]

We are a proud member of

IASM (International Association of Structural Movers)

IASM - International Association of Structural Movers